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The chiropractors at the Springfield Chiropractic Center are experts at treating a variety of health conditions.  People of all ages seek our care for relief of a painful condition, correction of a spinal problem, core strengthening and physical rehabilitation, postural and alignment concerns and much more.  Below are just a few of the many reasons people come to the Springfield Chiropractic Center.


Consumer Reports documented that back pain was the number one reason people visit a chiropractor.  Through the use of specific treatments called...


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Similar to back pain, neck pain is also one of the most common reasons people visit a chiropractor.  The bones in the neck (called vertebra) can...

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Trauma, spinal misalignments, and abnormal pressure can cause the shock absorbing discs in your spine to bulge and herniated.  Chiropractic...

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Irritation to the sciatic nerve can cause extreme pain that radiates down the leg.  By restoring normal function to the vertebrae of the low back...


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Pain, numbness, tingling running down the arm can be due to pinched nerves in the neck.  By restoring normal alignment and function of the...


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Correcting and preventing migraines from occurring is about managing the triggers that cause them.  Correcting and maintaining proper spinal...


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After an accident, the spine can be thrown out of alignment affecting the bones, ligaments, joints, discs, and nerves.  Our care focuses on...


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By restoring normal alignment and motion, the arthritic process can be slowed or even stopped.  In addition, we work to get our patients more...

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Subtle misalignments of the spine can cause severe pain.  When the hard bony parts of your spine rub on or pinch the soft, sensitive tissues of your...


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When the neck is protruding forward it can cause the muscles of the jaw to work harder and put undo stress on the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ)... 


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Springfield Chiropractic Center | We are a chiropractor in near by Springfield, NJ providing safe and effective chiropractic treatment for back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, disc herniation, disc bulge, whiplash and many other health related problems. 

At the Springfield Chiropractic Center, we also provide physical therapy, spinal rehabilitation, nutritional recommendation, Pilates, and ergonomic advice to improve health, strengthen muscle and stabilize the spine.

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