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Reviews and Testimonials for Dr. Jason Hagman

Dr. Jason Hagman, Chiropractor

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Jason Hagman and his staff have helped thousands of people overcome painful conditions, debilitating spinal disorders, and unremitting musculoskeletal syndromes to return to the healthy lives they once enjoyed.  His gentle and effective chiropractic approach has made a big difference in so many people's lives.  Below are just a few of the many reviews and testimonials from his wonderful patients.

painfully stiff neck...

I came across Dr. Hagman through a referral from a very good friend. I had no doubts that based on his recommendation, I'd be in good hands. Prior to beginning treatment, I had a painfully stiff neck and went to numerous facilities to have it treated. This was my last stop and I couldn't be happier with my results. Dr. Hagman and Jessica were always very pleasant and accommodating to my needs. I highly recommend giving this place a shot if you are in pain, you won't regret it.

Chris from Scotch Plains, NJ

lower back and shoulder pain...

Dr. Hagman was wonderful from the beginning.  I had lower back pain and shoulder pain.  We worked together for a number of weeks and I saw my pain go away and stay away pretty early on.  We also worked on things I can do outside the office to make sure my body maintains the adjustments we've done.  I cannot thank Dr. Hagman enough for helping me and continuing to help me.

Vanessa from Springfield, NJ

neck and upper back pain...

I started seeing Dr. Hagman after my upper back and neck were showing signs of stiffness and causing major discomfort.  I could barely turn my head without pain, and even lost a few days of work from it.  I tried curing it with a massage, ice packs, heat packs, etc..., but that did very little for my pain.  Dr. Hagman has been wonderful to work with.  I was a little skeptical in the beginning about seeing a chiropractor and having a treatment plan, but the explanation I was given made sense and the results spoke for themselves.  After just 1 session I felt better, and by 3 sessions I felt 100% improved.  I can turn my head without discomfort, use my arms normally and feel more relaxed overall.  I run Spartan Races and Marathons throughout the year, so a good chiropractor is definitely needed.  I feel great after seeing Dr. Hagman for the occasional adjustment.  Dr. Hagman provides professional and affordable care.  I would highly recommend him.

Danielle from Springfield, NJ

back pain from sciatica...

I had injured my left leg and had bad pain from sciatica.  Dr. Hagman was recommended to my wife and me from a friend.  Dr. Hagman told me what my issue was and let me know how he would treat the pain first, then rehab my body back to health and he did with great results.  I am very happy with the treatment and him and his assistant.  They are very warm and helpful and truly cared about getting me back to normal life and I thank them very much.

Guy from Springfield, NJ

couldn't stand up straight...

At 26 years old you don't anticipate being unable to stand up from a chair on a normal day, but it was my every day.  After giving birth to my daughter and returning to the gym, I felt that my body was deteriorating instead of recovering.  I couldn't stand up straight.  I wasn't walking straight and I was having difficulty doing simple tasks like putting the baby in her crib or picking up laundry from the floor.  Dr. Hagman changed all of that in a matter of weeks.  What most amazed me about the treatment was that the adjustments were only one element.  He incorporated a lot of core work and focused on mobility, too.  The pain and lack of mobility have dissipated and my gait is now aligned.  I can take care of my baby without being in pain and, for the first time in my life, I can touch my toes!  Thanks, Doc.

Gabrielle from Westfield, NJ

debilitating migraines...

For the past ten years, I had suffered from migraines.  They were so debilitating that I often was forced to just stay in bed the whole day!  My neurologist put me on a daily medication that helped some, but I still suffered from migraines 3 to 4 days a week.  A friend of mine suggested I go see Dr. Hagman, and I am so glad I did!  By the end of my first month of treatment, I already noticed I was not getting as many migraines.  Now, 6 months later, I can happily say I have not had a single migraine for the last 3 months!  I have improved so much I am completely off the medications that "helped" keep my migraines at bay.  If I am in any kind of pain all I have to do is go see Dr. Hagman.

Vanessa from Linden, NJ

sciatica...spinal fusion...scoliosis...

Dr. Hagman is a life saver!  After the birth of my twins, I wasn't able to sleep on my left side and had frequent tingling from sciatica down my leg.  I took nine Advil each day and thought that I was sentenced to a life of pain.  A couple of people told me I should try chiropractic care, but I was hesitant due to the metal rods I have in my back.  After numerous people told me about Dr. Hagman I decided to give it a try.  I was impressed right away by his knowledge of my particular back issue (spinal fusion from scoliosis) and almost immediately experienced relief.  I can now sleep on my left side and learned that I do not have to live in pain.  Dr. Hagman is incredibly personal and I also know from other people that he is honest about ways that chiropractic care can or can not help with various ailments.  I can now sleep comfortably, which makes a huge difference as a working mother with three kids.  Dr. Hagman literally has changed my life for the better.

Nicole from Westfield, NJ

was able to dance at her wedding 3 months after a major car accident...

I first started seeing Dr. Hagman when I was referred to him by a friend after my snow tubing accident.  I was hesitant to see him at first and told him I was afraid of having my neck adjusted and not being able to walk out of his office.  Dr. Hagman took the time to explain everything he was going to do and how it would be done, as well as assuring me I was in good safe hands.  I was still hesitant in the beginning, but after my first experience of Dr. Hagman's work, I knew I was in good hands.  Dr. Hagman is not a doctor that you walk into his office and are kicked out when your 15 minutes is up.  He will take the time to help you through whatever difficulties/concerns you may have.


Then two years later, I was hit by a car while walking along a crosswalk.  Once again Dr. Hagman came to my rescue.  He put me into treatment which consisted of chiropractic treatment at 3 times per week.  Although it felt like a lot in the beginning; to see the end results and see how far I have come, made it all worth it.  I am now able to resume my normal activities and move forward with my life.  There was also a catch, I was getting married in three and a half months and wanted to be able to dance at my wedding, so the pressure was on.  Needless to say, through hard work and perseverance I was able to dance at my wedding.  Thank you Dr. Hagman!  If it was not for him, I don't know if I would be where I am today.  I am forever grateful for all of the work he has done to get me back on my feet.  I have recommended Dr. Hagman to many friends and family members and all of them come back with a positive response once they had been to him.  I will continue to recommend Dr. Hagman in the future.

Gereldine from Berkeley Heights, NJ

constant pain...

I had been treated by several chiropractors before I met Dr. Hagman.  Several years ago, I had an injury and was in constant pain, sometimes to the point of needing strong pain medication.  The pain affected my quality of life with my children and my ability to travel, which I do quite often.  Dr. Hagman knew exactly what was needed to correct the issue.  A combination of treatment and strengthening exercises completely changed my life.  I am pain free and enjoying my children and travels without any worry.  Dr. Hagman also treats my children.  He and his entire office staff are professional and caring.  I have referred many friends to Dr. Hagman and they too have had wonderful experiences and positive changes in their health and well-being.

Kate from Mountainside, NJ

chronic lower back ache...

My chronic lower back ache had flared up several months ago and left me in a great deal of discomfort.  Realizing it was time to take care of the problem once and for all, I appreciated Dr. Hagman's holistic approach to a long term solution, rather than just a quick fix.  We worked together initially to relieve the pain and then to set a course that would lead to long term wellness.  Six months in and I am feeling great.  I am back to my active lifestyle and staying in tune with my body through bi-weekly consultations with Dr. Hagman.  His work with me led me to introduce a friend to his care, and Dr. Hagman was able to relieve him from long term pain as well.  I am grateful for the treatment, wellness planning, and on-going consultative services which are keeping me feeling great.

Nick from Morristown, NJ

life without migraines...

Since I was a child I've had to endure a life with horrible migraines.  My migraines would become so aweful that I would vomit and remain in bed for up to 2 days.  I've taken reactive medicine for most of my adult life and proactive medicine for the past 10 years.  My initial consultation with Dr. Jason left me feeling hopeful that I did not have to live with migraines and that I would be able to stop my medications.  After initial treatments by Dr. Jason and maintenance treatments, my migraines are vitrually gone with no medications.  Dr. Jason helped me with my migraines but he also put me more in tune with my body and nervous system.

David from Scotch Plains, NJ

degenerative discs and sciatica...

I started going for chiropractic care because I was suffering from lower back pain and sciatica.  These were brought on by degenerative discs in my lower back and also symptoms of arthritis.  After several months of treatment my symptoms were almost completely eliminated.  As a result of being cared for by Dr. Hagman, I have not suffered from chronic pain or sciatic in my lower back for more than a year and a half.  I believe that Dr. Hagman truly works magic with his chiropractic care.  In addition, he is very professional and makes his patients feel comfortable and stress free while in his care.

Tom from Madison, NJ

pain and numbness...

I was referred to Dr. Hagman by a dear friend because I was suffering from pain, limited movement and constant numbing sensation in my left arm and shoulder.  Dr. Hagman adjusted my spine, developed a plan to strengthen my muscles, and after a couple of sessions I already felt relief from the pain and numbness!  Amazingly, after a few more sessions I was relieved completely of the symptoms and my range of movement is back to normal.  Dr. Hagman is a very friendly caring doctor and truly committed to his patient's well-being.  He listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations.  I recommend Dr. Hagman to anyone who wants to receive chiropractic treatments in a professional, welcoming atmosphere.  Thank you Dr. Hagman!


Narkiss from Murray Hill, NJ


a different approach to back pain...

I began seeing Dr. Hagman several months after a multi-ligament knee injury.  Months of knee braces, crutches, and limping caused a lot of unexpected issues with my back.  I began my journey with other chiropractors, but did not feel any relief from the pain.  I was close to giving up, but thought I would try one more, and made an appointment with Dr. Hagman.  I very quickly realized that Dr. Hagman's approach was different from what I had experienced in the past, and was finally bringing me relief.  I have been pain free and back to my pre-injury lifestyle for almost a year thanks to Dr. Hagman!


Kelly from Denville, NJ

two brain MRI's and no relief from my headaches...

After suffering debilitating headaches which caused me to go to the emergency room and having two MRI's done with negative results, I visited Dr. Hagman who accurately diagnosed my condition as being related to an arthritis condition in my neck.  After an initial course of treatment, he was able to not only relieve the headaches and their cause but restore full mobility to my neck and back.  Dr. Hagman recommended a continuing course of exercises and maintenance treatment which has allowed me to continue pain free for over a year.  For those not familiar, the treatments are comfortable and even relaxing.  Dr. Hagman has an uncommon and holistic approach to wellness that, as a patient, I find to be a revelation.  Please don't choose to live in pain when you can trust Dr. Hagman.

Al from Mahwah, NJ

severe sciatica...

I had sciatic nerve pain for the first time in my life and I was in excruciating pain.  The pain was at its worst when I would drive to work in the morning.  On two occasions I had to pull over into a parking lot and walk around until the pain subsided.  I was determined to get back onto the golf course as soon as possible.  Dr. Hagman adjusted my spine and did physical therapy.  Soon my pain was bearable and the drive to work was getting easier.  Next he added some "core" exercises to the visits.  This helped to increase my strength in the problem areas.  Through all of these visits, Dr. Hagman took great care of me and constantly encouraged me.  Now I am back on the golf course and I'm having the best year of my golf career.  My handicap is at its all time low.  I don't know where I would be without Dr. Hagman's treatment, but I'm still not giving him any strokes!

Joseph from Union, NJ

taking 6 ibuprofen a day for my back pain...

When I first came to see Dr. Hagman, I had been experiencing lower back pain for some time.  It was difficult to focus on other things due to the pain, and it interfered with my work as a massage therapist.  Prior to coming to Dr. Hagman, I was taking at least six ibuprofen a day (and was still in pain).  A friend and colleague who had been seeing Dr. Hagman suggested I give chiropractic care a try.  I was hesitant, but desperate to get out of pain.  After a thorough examination, discussion and x-rays, I started treatment.  Dr. Hagman informed me that the reason I had been experiencing so much pain was due to a misaligned spine.  Within one month I was feeling tremendously better.  Now, after 3 months, my spine is back in alignment and I am pain free.  How great it feels to be out of pain!  I actually forgot how it felt to feel good.  Dr. Hagman has been a true blessing to me.  There are not enough words to be said for how thankful I am for his gentle and therapeutic care.

Sharon from Basking Ridge, NJ

mother of twins with recurring neck, back and shoulder pain that was getting worse...

Way back in December 2011, I was plagued with recurring neck/back/shoulder pain that was getting worse.  I had had a couple of occurrences earlier in the year, but my prior experience with chiropractors hadn't been the best.  But as the chiropractor I had at the time wasn't able to do more than painfully wrench me around and say of my problem "We'll just ice it and see what happens", I thought it best to see if I could find someone better.  And that is who I found.  My experience with Dr. Hagman has been head and shoulders above any other chiropractor I've ever been to (pun not intended).  He had me get x-rays, he was very patient and took the time to explain what he saw on them to me and to discuss his diagnosis and treatment.  He answered all of my questions and was very kind and reassuring about my prognosis.  His treatments were very gentle, not scary, nothing violent, and he didn't get upset with me when (due to the demands of twin motherhood) I wasn't able to keep from physical activity that would aggravate the injury.  When I  needed help with pain management he referred me to a medical specialists who concurred with his diagnosis and treatment.  Luckily, I did not have that kind of pain for very long and was improving pretty quickly.  I've got very reasonable physical therapy exercises that Dr. Hagman prescribed to help me continue to improve.  I have been more than happy to recommend Dr. Hagman to my friends, family, and neighbors, and after my neighbor's grown nephew had been to see him, he also was very happy with the quality of care he received, and with how quickly his condition resolved.  And of course, I can't leave out mentioning the rest of the staff at the Springfield Chiropractic Center - they are amazing and fantastic for keeping an eye on my 5 year old twins while I was being treated.  They and Dr. Hagman have been incredibly patient and kind to my girls, even when they kept coming into the treatment room every few minutes to see what was happening to mommy.  I am grateful to have found Dr. Hagman and am confident that anyone I refer to him is going to get the same high level of care and excellent treatment that I received.

Lara from Springfield, NJ

shoulder blade and back pain with sciatica...

After a couple months of physical therapy for a torn and dislocated shoulder, I had not experienced any improvement in movement along my shoulder blade.  A friend suggested I pay a visit to Dr. Hagman.  I am glad I took her advice.  Within a few weeks of being in Dr. Hagman's care, my shoulder was no longer stuck.  Unfortunately, I wound up huring my back shortly thereafter.  I was unable to stand up straight or walk without pain shooting down my right leg.  Lucky for me it was Dr. Hagman to the rescue again.  With just the right mix of adjustments and therapeutic exercises, I am now walking tall and pain free.  In fact, I will be participating in a cycling race in a few weeks!  Thank you Dr. Hagman for the fantastic care!

Jennifer from Roselle Park, NJ

throbbing low back pain...

I started care with Dr. Hagman in the middle of October because I was experiencing a throbbing pain in my right low back.  The pain ranged from mild to severe, depending on the day.  I had this problem for about one year prior to meeting with Dr. Hagman.  I thought the pain would just go away, but it didn't.  I saw a general practitioner who told me to take ibuprofen, which dulled the pain but in no way helped fix the core problem.  I then decided to go to someone who specializes in back related issues (Dr. Hagman).  My life was definitely affected by my condition and only got worse driving in a car for any length of time.  It also stopped me from daily activities such as going to the gym, riding my bike, and running.  I would say that it took a few months of treatment before my back started to feel "normal" on a regular basis.  Up until that point it would feel better one day, hurt the next, with no real consistency.  I continued to receive treatment because I believed that chiropractic care would be the only proactive approach to full recovery, and I was right!  I wasn't really sure if chiropractic care would help at first, but I did see some improvement in a short amount of time, which led me to believe that I should trust what was told to me by Dr. Hagman.  His treatment recommendations turned out to be what it took to see very good long term results.  Most people don't know much about chiropractic methods or believe that it's some new age answer to a basic medical problem.  What I can say at this point is that I firmly believe in it and that I would recommend it highly to anyone experiencing back related problems.  In my opinion, regular doctors do not address the real problem, but instead try and deal with the pain aspect of the problem.  Thanks for your help!

Keith from Long Valley, NJ

osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and severe back pain...

In April, I had my first visit with Dr. Jason Hagman.  I was a little reluctant about going to a chiropractor since I have osteoporosis, and two years ago diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was on medications but nothing helped the severe pain in my back.  My visits to Dr. Hagman were three times per week and after two weeks of treatment my pain grew less.  It is now October and my pain is completely gone and I no longer need to take Advil, daily.  Thank you Dr. Hagman for making me free of pain.  I encourage anyone with pain to go and see a chiropractor or better yet, see Dr. Jason Hagman.


Mary from Summit, NJ

gentle, painless...and it works!

Dr. Hagman has been a huge help in alleviating my back pain.  His treatment is gentle and painless...and it works!  The office is easily accessible and the staff are all very friendly.  I have recommended Dr. Hagman to friends and would strongly recommend using him.

Elyse from West Orange, NJ

recurring shoulder and back issues...

I've been to several chiropractors for recurring shoulder and back issues.  Like any specialist you see, some work better with you than others.  I've had the best luck with Dr. Hagman because he's not only knowledgeable but also has great instincts.  He knows how to advance the healing process, whether it's a long term issue or an acute problem (I've had both!) and is extremely thorough, sensitive, and someone I trust.  I don't usually take the time to write things like this but he's been great for me so I highly recommend a visit.

Ken from Chatham, NJ

top-notch doctor...

I've been familiar with the field of chiropractic for about 7 or 8 years now and it has helped me many times to remedy work-related back and neck pain.  As a patient of Dr. Hagman's, I can only speak the highest praise for both his expertise as well as how he handles his patients.  What always struck me the most is how well Dr. Hagman holds his appointments.  While this may seem simple.  I've been to other offices where you become a number and end up waiting well past your scheduled appointment time.  You can tell a doctor values his patients by how much he respects them with something a simple as time management.  Imagine how well he will help your chiropractic needs when you combine his amazing ability to heal with his appreciation and respect for his patients.  I would and do recommend Dr. Hagman to anyone looking for a top-notch doctor who cares about his patients.

Steve from Union, NJ


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