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Chiropractor in Springfield



Enjoy Life

without Pain.

Effective Relief of Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Hip Pain, and Sciatica

Welcome to the Springfield Chiropractic Center 2022 & 2023 top chiropractor in near by Springfield, NJ

Chiropractic Care In Springfield, NJ

Chiropractor in Springfield, Dr. Jason Hagman and Dr. Gary Weisman use both chiropractic and physical therapy to provide safe and effective spinal care for children and adults. 

At the Springfield Chiropractic Center, our chiropractors use an approach that is simple and natural.  We focus on gently restoring and maintaining the normal function of your spine, muscles, and nervous system without the use of drugs or surgery.  

From complex spinal degenerative conditions, disc herniation, and pinched nerves to minor back or neck pain,  proper spinal alignment and movement are essential for relieving pain, restoring function and correcting these problems.  With the many different treatments and therapies available at our office, we are able to tailor our care to meet your urgent spinal needs, level of comfort, and long term health goals.

Chiropractor Near Me

At the Springfield Chiropractic Center, our chiropractors Dr. Jason Hagman and Dr. Gary Weisman, have been serving the near by communities of Springfield, Summit, Millburn, Mountainside, Westfield, Union and the surrounding towns for over 25 years.

Located on Morris Avenue (just down the street from the Wine Library), our office has easy access from Route 22, Route 78, and Route 24.

Are you taking new patients and do you accept my insurance?

Our office is currently accepting new patients for Dr. Jason Hagman and Dr. Gary Weisman.  Both of our chiropractors accept most health insurance plans and Medicare.

We offer insurance verification prior to your first visit.

No one likes surprises when it comes to health insurance.  Whether you call or book your appointment online, you can find out what your costs will be before seeing the doctor.

When can I see the chiropractor?

In most cases, we are able to schedule your appointment with one of our chiropractors for the same day.  Please call (973) 564-7676 or click here to book your appointment using our online portal.


Mon: 10:00am - 1:30pm    3:00pm - 6:30pm

Tue:                                       3:00pm - 6:30pm

Wed:  10:00am - 1:30pm   3:00pm - 6:30pm

Thurs:                                   3:00pm - 6:30pm

Fri:     10:00am - 1:30pm    

Sat:    By Appointment Only     Sun:   Closed 

Danielle from Springfield

After just 1 session I felt better, and by 3 sessions I felt 100% improved.  I can turn my head without discomfort, use my arms normally and feel more relaxed overall.

Gina from Springfield

I never thought I would look forward to a doctors appointment, but I do.

5 Star Google Review

Al from Mahwah

After an initial course of treatment, he was able to not only relieve the headaches and their cause but restore full mobility to my neck and back.

Jenna from


He's so kind and patient and really listens to what you are saying to understand the root of your problem.

5 Star Google Review

What people are saying about our chiropractors...

Springfield Chiropractic Center
454 Morris Ave.
Springfield, NJ  07081
(973) 564-7676

Springfield NJ - The Springfield Chiropractic Center is located near the Wine Library, just up the hill from the town center.  Where Summit, Millburn, and Springfield all come together, we have convenient access from Route 22, Route 24, and Route 78. 

We look forward to seeing you in our office.

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