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How to Perform a Deadlift and a Squat

In this video, Tony Bianchino from Out Run Your Fork Personal Training shows the correct way to perform a deadlift and a squat.

Click the image above to start the video (If you want to skip to the lesson it starts at minute 6:55)

I have been exercising on a regular basis for over 30 years. Full body resistance training (weight lifting) has always been a big part of my routine. But, for all of my years of experience (and the fact that I see way too many back injuries in my chiropractic practice), I have always steered clear of including deadlifts and barbell squats in my workouts.

In this video, Tony was kind enough to have me visit his studio in Westfield and go over the proper biomechanics necessary to safely perform both of these exercises.

The first 7 minutes of the video Tony and I sit and discuss his amazing approach and the type of clients he helps. The remainder of the video is Tony showing me how to properly perform a squat and a deadlift.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Wishing you good health.

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