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Tired of living with

Chronic Back Pain?

Get the problem corrected with a specialized approach to treating chronic back pain.

  • Pain Relief

  • Strengthened Core Musculature

  • Improved Balance and Flexibility

  • Proper Spinal Alignment

Start living without pain.

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"I suffered from severe lower back pain resulting from a bulged and herniated disc. Doctor Hagman diagnosed my ailments properly unlike previous doctors and set me up with a recovery plan that has me back to training jiu jitsu and being able to walk and move without pain again."
"Dr Hagman is fantastic! Could hardly move because of severe lower back pain (lifting at work). After a few visits I felt infinitely better! Would recommend!"
"Dr. Hagman is the best. I have had back problems for over 10 years. The pain was so bad, I had trouble getting in and out of my truck. I saw results immediately after seeing him. It’s been over a year now, and I am pain free and feel my best. I highly recommend you give Dr. Jason Hagman a call."

About me

My name is Dr. Jason Hagman.

I have been a chiropractor for over 28 years and the owner of the Springfield Chiropractic Center since 2001.  In my practice, I help people overcome chronic back pain by implementing a unique treatment approach that combines chiropractic and physical therapy to get the best results possible.  The ultimate goal for all of my patients is to optimize the function of their spine, muscles and nerves so their pain resolves, their back is strong, and they can return to the life they want to live.

I can't promise that it will be easy or quick, but if you are ready to take the next step to correcting your back problem, please fill out the form and let's get started.

Dr. Jason Hagman, Chiropractor

Ready to get started?


454 Morris Ave., Springfield, NJ

The Springfield Chiropractic Center is located near the Wine Library, and is just up the hill from the Springfield town center.  Where Summit, Millburn, and Springfield all come together, we have quick and easy access to Route 22, Route 24, and Route 78. 

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